Development and implementation of tools and strategies for indicator condition guided HIV testing

Lead: Saint Stephen’s AIDS Trust (SSAT)


WP 5 will test a novel, evidence-based HIV testing strategy in healthcare settings across Europe with the aim of developing applicable tools and training materials for its broader implementation. Focus will be on provider barriers, and offer and uptake rates of HIV testing. There are three phases to this work package           

1)     To identify current guidance, best practice, and regional barriers (including stigma/legal barriers/criminalisation- WP7) to testing.

2)     The development of web-based implementation tools, which shall be adapted for specific countries/regions. Web-based education and training modules will also be available, with on-line competency assessments and certification.

3)      Pilot sites in UK, France, Spain, Estonia, Poland, Greece and Czech Republic to test and develop the country-specific tools/interventions. Assessment of those testing positive and negative for HIV will also feed into any cost-effectiveness analyses performed in WP6. Final evaluation will quantify the uptake of new guidelines and practices.

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