Privacy Policy

Cookies and Third Parties (Google Analytics)
Opttest utilizes third parties (such as Google analytics). This means that when you visit our site, there will be cookies used to make note of your actions while on this site.
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Our services are aimed at Medical professionals and academics, and the information we process is therefore primarily about the profession  you represent.
The personal data policy applies to personal information that you provide to us or that we collect via the website or other sources.
We use cookies on the website. to optimize your use of the Website, as described in our cookie policy (/Privacy-Policy/Cookie-Policy).

We automatically collect information about you and your use of the Website when you visit the Website. We collect information about your IP address, what kind of browser you are using, which pages you visit, which links you enable and generally how you navigate around the website.
1.    The purpose (to pursue our legitimate interests) is to optimize the user experience and website features as well as to record how long visitors are on the Website and to show you relevant information.
2.    The legal basis for the processing is Article 6 (1) of the General Data Protection Regulation, (EU) 2016/679. 1 (f) (Weighing Rules).